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To develop Holtek’s 8bit MCU is easy and inexpensive. For our latest generation MCU, you simply need:

a. IDE3000: Integrated development Environment software for all series of Holtek MCU.
b. e-link and OCDS chip
OCDS (On Chip Debugger System) chip:
These chips are the same as Flash MCU except they have internal debugger circuit to connect with e-Link. OCDS
chips have the same pin assignment as the Flash MCU. Please look at Flash MCU datasheet for the part number
and pin assignment. You usually need only 2~3 Pcs of these chips for emulation.

Ex: HT66V0185 is the OCDS chip for HT66F0185.
Optional purchase:
1. e-FADPXX. If your target device is a 8pin or 10pin, MCU, the OCDS only comes at 16pin minimum.  
It is highly recommended to use this flexible PCB transform a 16pin package type into a 8pin or 10 pin
package type.
2. Your target board for Holtek’s OCDS chip to mount on. For those LQFP package projects,
we recommend you to purchase a LQFP adapter in the market in order to connect the OCDS chip to
your target board.
Once the development is finished, if you need to program a few Flash MCU, there are two options:

1. It is always a good choice to utilize your e-link as a tool to write your code into a real Flash MCU by ICP
(In Circuit Programming).
ICP Manual
2. If you need to program a few hundred Flash MCU chips, an e-writer Pro and an e-socket are highly recommended.
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If you can not find OCDS chip for the Flash MCU, probably they use different tool.Find out More
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